Customer support
1 Postal Services
1.1 Can I get a Private Mail Box (PMB) there?

Yes, you can.  We are authorized by the USPS to be a Private Mail Box (PMB) center.  However, you do have to sign a contract and provide us with a proof of address and picture ID.  These are the requirements that the USPS puts on us.

1.2 Is there an advantage of having a PMB over a PO Box?

We think so.  Having a PMB gives you a physical address for deliveries, and your 'box' is listed as a 'suite.'  So, this means that when you have a package coming, no more annoying "We can't ship to a PO BOX" message.  In addition, you don't have to be home when your mail or packages come, we'll be open and can sign for the package.  Can't get back to town right away?  That's ok, we'll hold your package for you and we're open 7 days a week, so you can come to get it on your day off. And if your package requires an adult signature, we can take care of that as well.

1.3 How much does a PMB cost?

As of March 25, 2020, cost is as follows:

Set-up = $10

6 months = $75

12 months = $120

2 Consignment
2.1 Can I consign my awesome collectibles in your store?

The short answer is: Maybe.

We've found that there are not a lot of people buying vintage or collectible items.  Do they sell?  Yes, depending on what they are.  It would also depend on the price.  We'll be happy to discuss this with you but cannot guarantee that our store would be a good fit.  Terri or Robert will be honest with you when it comes to what sells and what does not sell in our store.  Please make an appointment so that we can be sure that there are at least 2 people working at the store so that we can help you and the other can help customers.

2.2 Can I rent space in the store?

We do not rent out spaces.  We do this so that we can put like by like items and they have a better chance of being seen, and hopefully purchased.

We have a straight 25% consignment fee.  For example, if the price that you want on the price tag for your item is $4.00, you get $3.00 and Mr. Happy's gets $1.00.  We do have a one-time setup fee of $25.00 to get you in our system and input your inventory.  We do have a $25.00 a month administrative fee, however, there are ways to waive that fee.  Talk to Terri and Robert about how to waive it.

3 Shipping
3.1 How much does it cost to ship?

There is no hard and set answer for this.  In order to provide you a quote, we would need to know a few things: Where is it going, the size of the package (round all numbers up), and how much does it weigh (round the weight up)?  For an estimate, we don't need to know the full address, however, it helps to have it to get a more accurate number.  The other consideration is when you want it to get there.  To guarantee it by a certain day will tend to cost more.

3.2 What are the factors to consider when shipping?

There are several things to consider when shipping a package and how it will impact the cost.

  1. Where it is going
    The further it goes, the more the cost
  2. How much does it weigh (Round up)
    The heavier it weighs, the more it will cost
  3. How big is the package (Round up)
    The larger the package, the more it will cost
  4. How fast you need it there
    If you need it overnight, or 2 days, it will cost more

The third item is one of the easier to manipulate, however, keep in mind that really lightweight items that are larger in size will be more expensive because of the algorithm that the shipping companies and USPS use.  For example, for a box that is 20" x 20" x 20", they would assume it would weigh at least 20lbs (not an actual number from the algorithm, this is just an example).  So, if we put that it only weighs 5lbs, the system will default it to the higher number.

3.3 Packaging, is it that important?

Yes, it is.  Almost everything is automated today.  So, you need to package your item so it will be safe.  One of our delivery guys let us in on this great tip.  Package your item as if it was going to be dropped from a 3 story window.  This is why.  As the packages go from conveyor belt to conveyor belt, they could drop as much as 6' from one to another.  So, let's say the Smartphone you are sending to your friend, son, daughter, whomever, is on that conveyor belt, and a heavy 150 lb box is behind it.  It falls to the next conveyor belt, along with the heavy box.  You guessed it, that heavy box just landed on your phone.  So, the shipping services recommend that you package your item well, and prepare it for a worst-case scenario.  

We will be happy to help you with packaging up your item if you are unsure.

4 U-Haul
4.1 How much is a U-Haul?

That will depend on a few things.  Are you returning it back to where you rented it? Or are you taking it One-way to another city?

U-Haul does not offer unlimited miles.  However, if you are taking the truck One-Way, a certain number of miles is given in the price that you are quoted.  Any miles above that would be $0.40 per mile (as of 3/25/2020).

In-town truck costs:
10' truck is $19.95 per day
15' truck is $29.95 per day
20' and 26' trucks are $39.95 per day

and $0.79 a mile if you start your rental Sunday through Thursday.  It bumps up to $0.99 a mile if you rent the truck on Friday or Saturday. Mile cost is the same no matter the size of the truck.

In addition, there is tax, environmental fees, and Insurance.  Insurance is optional, however, please be aware that if something happens to the truck or trailer, U-Haul expects full payment for the damage when it is returned.  

We are asked often for a pickup truck or van.  We do not have any at this time.  

Trailers costs:

As with the trucks, if you take a trailer one-way, depending on where you take it will depend on how much it costs.

In-town trailers range from $14.95 - $54.95 (as of 3/25/2020) per day, depending on the size.  As with the trucks, there is tax, environmental fees, and insurance on top of that price.  Insurance is again, optional, but the same rule applies to pay for any damage when it is turned it.

For the most up to date pricing and any pricing for one-way usage, please go to or call us directly for a quote.  

As well, we can make a reservation for anyone across the US.  You don't necessarily have to live in our mountain communities.  We'll be happy to make the reservation for you.

4.2 Can I rent a pickup truck or van?

No, we're sorry, but we do not have any pickup trucks or vans.  However, we'd be happy to set up a reservation for you at another U-Haul that does.  Please be aware that all pickup trucks and vans are in-town rentals only.  This means that wherever you rent the truck from, you must return it to the same location.

4.3 Why is it more expensive to rent on Friday and Saturday?

U-Haul considers Friday and Saturday peak rental days and does charge $0.20 more per mile.  This is standard for all U-Haul locations.

4.4 Do I really have to refill the gas tank?

Yes and No.  By signing the contract, you are agreeing that you will return the truck with the same amount of gas as when you received it.  So, in that sense, yes, you do.

But we are going to advise you to do it for another reason.  Besides it being the right thing to do, trucks that are returned with less gas than when it went out, will be charged heavily by U-Haul.  They charge approximately $8.00 a gallon to refill it to where it was when it left. Compound that if you bring it back at less than a quarter of a tank, they add an additional $50 to your bill.  These prices are set by U-Haul, not by us.  (Prices are subject to change)  

4.5 What is a cleaning fee?

U-Haul requests that we charge a cleaning fee if the truck is returned dirty.  For our location, if the truck is a little dusty, we won't charge that fee.  If the truck will take more then a quick blow out with a leaf blower, we need to start charging for our time to clean the truck. The cost starts at $25 and we have seen it go up as high as $1500.  Normal dirt from dirt roads on the outside of the truck are not subjected to the cleaning fee.  

5 General Information
5.1 What are your hours?

We are open Sunday through Saturday, 10 am to 6 pm.

5.2 Are you open on any holidays?

Yes, we are open all holidays except two (2).


The only 2 days a year that we are closed are Thanksgiving and Christmas.


Closure is subject to change with bad weather.  We do like to make sure our employee can make it home to his family.  Please keep an eye on our social media for unexpected closures.

5.3 Where are you?

Our address is:

57475 HWY 371
Anza, CA 92539

We are just east of the heart of Anza, next to Spartan Vet.  We are the big yellow building with the big Mr. Happy face out front.