We started Mr. Happy's as a consignment gift shop.  So, most of the gift items that you see in our store are there on consignment.  The prices are set by our consignors (Vendors).  We are not often authorized to negotiate prices but will be happy to contact the vendor with your offer.



2.1 Can I consign my awesome collectibles in your store?

The short answer is: Maybe.

We've found that there are not a lot of people buying vintage or collectible items.  Do they sell?  Yes, depending on what they are.  It would also depend on the price.  We'll be happy to discuss this with you but cannot guarantee that our store would be a good fit.  Terri or Robert will be honest with you when it comes to what sells and what does not sell in our store.  Please make an appointment so that we can be sure that there are at least 2 people working at the store so that we can help you and the other can help customers.


2.2 Can I rent space in the store?

We do not rent out spaces.  We do this so that we can put like by like items and they have a better chance of being seen, and hopefully purchased.

We have a straight 25% consignment fee.  For example, if the price that you want on the price tag for your item is $4.00, you get $3.00 and Mr. Happy's gets $1.00.  We do have a one-time setup fee of $25.00 to get you in our system and input your inventory.  We do have a $25.00 a month administrative fee, however, there are ways to waive that fee.  Talk to Terri and Robert about how to waive it.