3.1 How much does it cost to ship?

There is no hard and set answer for this.  In order to provide you a quote, we would need to know a few things: Where is it going, the size of the package (round all numbers up), and how much does it weigh (round the weight up)?  For an estimate, we don't need to know the full address, however, it helps to have it to get a more accurate number.  The other consideration is when you want it to get there.  To guarantee it by a certain day will tend to cost more.


3.2 What are the factors to consider when shipping?

There are several things to consider when shipping a package and how it will impact the cost.

  1. Where it is going
    The further it goes, the more the cost
  2. How much does it weigh (Round up)
    The heavier it weighs, the more it will cost
  3. How big is the package (Round up)
    The larger the package, the more it will cost
  4. How fast you need it there
    If you need it overnight, or 2 days, it will cost more

The third item is one of the easier to manipulate, however, keep in mind that really lightweight items that are larger in size will be more expensive because of the algorithm that the shipping companies and USPS use.  For example, for a box that is 20" x 20" x 20", they would assume it would weigh at least 20lbs (not an actual number from the algorithm, this is just an example).  So, if we put that it only weighs 5lbs, the system will default it to the higher number.


3.3 Packaging, is it that important?

Yes, it is.  Almost everything is automated today.  So, you need to package your item so it will be safe.  One of our delivery guys let us in on this great tip.  Package your item as if it was going to be dropped from a 3 story window.  This is why.  As the packages go from conveyor belt to conveyor belt, they could drop as much as 6' from one to another.  So, let's say the Smartphone you are sending to your friend, son, daughter, whomever, is on that conveyor belt, and a heavy 150 lb box is behind it.  It falls to the next conveyor belt, along with the heavy box.  You guessed it, that heavy box just landed on your phone.  So, the shipping services recommend that you package your item well, and prepare it for a worst-case scenario.  

We will be happy to help you with packaging up your item if you are unsure.